Remembering Alex

Remembering Alex

This site is dedicated to the life of Alex Capozza.  It was created to permit friends and family to share their experiences and what they have learned from Alex, what he added to their life, how his untimely death has affected them.  It is also a central place for people who met Alex to learn more about this wonderful young man.

there are two main areas of the website.  One are the posts from friends and family that are linked to comments from others who may have shared the same experiences.  The second area of the site include pages where people can read about Alex’s life, see some photos of Alex they may not have seen and donate to a charity that the Capozza family encourages.

All comments will be reviewed for suitability on the page, but mostly to keep unwanted spam off the site.  If you have a eulogy and/or photos that you would like to have posted please log in and submit a post.

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